If you don’t know this site, you are severely missing out on some supplements to classes! This site saved my life in biology!

Go to this site: https://www.khanacademy.org/

Press learn in the top left corner, pick a subject, pick the video in which you are struggling on

and voila! A guy explains it in a very easy way! This is guy is like a GENIUS. Well, every video I watch is like the same voice! Art history, biology, physics, chemistry, astronomy, math O______O

When I was failing astronomy, I looked at the page:


Oh, there’s only 4 videos and none of which relate to what I’m doing : ( Looks like this site won’t save my life in this class.

I checked again just in case, and I’m glad I did! If I actually CLICK a topic, I get like 20ish videos! One of the video sets was the exam that I failed! DANG! I could’ve had some help on that!

This is literally my go to when I feel like I’m failing. It was introduced to me by my friend who uses it ALL the time! I might actually get an A in astronomy! hurray! Although I need to start studying my butt off for this final exam… I have less than a month, it’s cumulative, and I forgot everything. No more procrastinating!

I need to keep a tab on this! I need to get an A in this class! I feel like I have a chance now! 8D