A sky full of miscellaneous clouds serves as my inspiration.

A New Purpose to this Blog

This blog will document inspirations for stories, art, and anything else I might do in the future. I changed my blog tag line accordingly (look above).

It’ll seemingly be a bunch of stuff that have no connection whatsoever, but they just have at least one connection; it is something I find interesting that may be an inspiration in my work. I’ve went and edited my posts so each will have a seemingly random post, but in the end, it will show what I’ve pulled out of it.



Three Hidden Gems

Because I am so hipster and cool, I play games that no one else plays. This means that I have no one to talk to about them. : ( Here are three of my favorite games ever that no one knows about. Yes, I am telling you to go play them. Feel free to ask questions about it because I am so familiar with them, I have no idea how to describe them.

Teddy isn’t feeling well : (

This makes me want to be a surgeon, but then I think about all the pressure that’s going to be on me and I have to be very steady, and I can’t poke their insides… THEN THEY MIGHT DIE.

My favorite part is when they pulled out Teddy’s heart.

Teen Titans Go!

Where everything is chibi-sized and cuter.

Teen Titans is back in an all new series! That’s right! Last year, there were little shorts every week and apparently they decided to revive this series! Except in little chibi forms… and more of a comedy series. A lot of people are complaining that they just killed Teen Titans and like OMG they just ruined my childhood! Well you know what? Don’t judge it until you’ve seen it. Who knows? It might be great! I mean Trigon, Terra, and even SLADE will make an appearance! I’m sure they’ll get some sort of arc in there… and maybe with great reception, they’ll revive the series into more action, stories, and of course mixed with the comedy.

I feel like Robin has changed though :/ That is the spiky haired leader, aw heck. Even if you haven’t seen it, you should at least be able to tell who Robin is… you know… like Batman and ROBIN! No? Okay the spiky black haired leader… I believe that’s sufficient. It’s hard to pinpoint, but you know, I think it’s because of his head. I am so freakin’ bothered by it. It’s just… the SHAPE is NOT chibi! It makes him less cute : (

But I feel like this will be borderline crack fanfiction… but I mean it could work! What do I mean? In crack fics, a character is over-exaggerated by some sort of dominant trait. For comedic purposes, I believe this might happen in the series. Like in the trailer, Robin just seem so much less serious or uptight, but at the same time, I could see him being too much of a parent for everyone. I can still see it being successful though if they balance it and find hilarious things! I found the shorts to get progressively better. It’s like an experiment! And I believe with such hit shows such as Adventure Time and The Regular Show (which I must watch both someday to see what the rave is about), this could be incredible.

Let’s look at things I want to see for nostalgia’s sake!


Things I am looking forward to:

BOOYAH! ‘nuf said.


Raven’s sarcasm+ conflicting chibi look (why can I not find a pic of only chibi Raven from the shorts?)


SHIPPING! THEY’RE CANON! (So cute how Robin has to stand on his tippy toes)

“Pardonnez-moi, Mademoiselle. Aimez-vous regarder les étoiles avec moi?”

(Although, if I have my French right, I think he meant to ask “Aimeriez-vous regarder les étoiles avec moi?” or “Voudriez-vous regarder les étoiles avec moi?”)


A lame pun about the villain and his/her evil dead + “TITANS GO!”

April 23. Looks like we now have the “Kid Titans”… TITANS GO!



Okay that was exaggeration : ( It’s called Eurovision and each country that’s a member of some sort of broadcasting station (or something) gets to send one group to sing a song to represent their country. Then the people get to vote! It’s a pretty huge thing and wiki says it’s the most watched non-sporting event!
I guess it’s not super secret since all of Europe gets to see it (and other countries although I’ve never heard of it in America). And it’s not a death fight, although I heard if they lose, they don’t get invited next year. And it might be really political since countries can’t vote for them self so I’d imagine England is pretty unpopular… and I guess America shouldn’t be invited since some of Europe isn’t even invited : ( BUT ISN’T THIS GENIUS? I learned it from a comic artist who went to Europe and just found out about it!
But you know, if it’s so worldwide, I think America should know about it >: ( We would demand admission! And probably DOMINATE! But then get voted down… and not invited the next year.
This is runner up last year! Singing grannies! From Russia 8D

Khan Academy is my Hero.

If you don’t know this site, you are severely missing out on some supplements to classes! This site saved my life in biology!

Go to this site: https://www.khanacademy.org/

Press learn in the top left corner, pick a subject, pick the video in which you are struggling on

and voila! A guy explains it in a very easy way! This is guy is like a GENIUS. Well, every video I watch is like the same voice! Art history, biology, physics, chemistry, astronomy, math O______O

When I was failing astronomy, I looked at the page:


Oh, there’s only 4 videos and none of which relate to what I’m doing : ( Looks like this site won’t save my life in this class.

I checked again just in case, and I’m glad I did! If I actually CLICK a topic, I get like 20ish videos! One of the video sets was the exam that I failed! DANG! I could’ve had some help on that!

This is literally my go to when I feel like I’m failing. It was introduced to me by my friend who uses it ALL the time! I might actually get an A in astronomy! hurray! Although I need to start studying my butt off for this final exam… I have less than a month, it’s cumulative, and I forgot everything. No more procrastinating!

I need to keep a tab on this! I need to get an A in this class! I feel like I have a chance now! 8D

New Blog Alert!: The Heart of the Cards

This is for my dueling proposal. : )

Here, I will experiment and think aloud as I try to make the perfect deck. I’ll throw in a bunch of useless info too to throw you guys off, so you don’t use my strategies against me though.


It’s still under construction.

Let’s make this project successful! gogogo! Make an awesome boy band!

Yugi and Yami are so cute. Especially that little brofist. Just wished we got to see their silhouette. : (

Mind Reading/Telepathy

I used to have a friend’s friend that I sat next to in second grade that I found extremely weird. I never liked her because in the bathrooms, she would look under the stalls while people were peeing. But what was more unnerving was that I somehow came to the conclusion that she was some sort of psychic.

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