A sky full of miscellaneous clouds serves as my inspiration.

A New Purpose to this Blog

This blog will document inspirations for stories, art, and anything else I might do in the future. I changed my blog tag line accordingly (look above).

It’ll seemingly be a bunch of stuff that have no connection whatsoever, but they just have at least one connection; it is something I find interesting that may be an inspiration in my work. I’ve went and edited my posts so each will have a seemingly random post, but in the end, it will show what I’ve pulled out of it.



Yugi’s Fashion Style?

Warning: This posts contains a lot of pictures!

For those that don’t know (SHAME ON YOU), Yugi Moto(/Mutou) has two people inside his body: himself and a 3,000 year old pharaoh. They are two completely different people. Yugi is kind, caring, and timid whilst Yami is cooler and confident. So of course, they will have different fashion styles!

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“Faerie’s Air and Death Waltz”: Song Mix-up

Chances are if you try to find “Faerie’s Air and Death Waltz” and listen to it, you’ll find this.

This is WRONG. People say the above is simply a remix of the original.

Starting at 3:50 (I can’t embed it) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCgT94A7WgI

Do they sound ANYTHING alike? The above video is actually John Stump’s infamous “Faerie’s Air and Death Waltz” and the first is a song for a hidden boss battle in a Japanese game called the Touhou Project. It is called “U.N. Owen Was Here” Both are deemed quite impossible to play, but one is LITERALLY impossible.

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“I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You” – Black Kids

“YOU ARE THE GIRL … that I’ve been dreaming of! Ever since I was a little girl.”

I didn’t even know I liked this type of music! Why can’t I stop listening to it?

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The Art of Shipping

Warning: Extremely long post just for my documentation. If you want to read it, power to ya!

Shipping is present in ALL fandoms. It’s such a strange phenomenon pretty much only acceptable over the internet. People quite literally dedicate their whole being to this. I’ve been pulled into it, and chances are you’ve been to.

So first of all, for those not fandom literate, what is “shipping?” It’s when people pair up two people/characters up in a relationship, most commonly romantically. So if someone says “I ship _____,” assume romantic. If it’s not romantic, they will say “I ship _____ platonic-ly/in a sibling way/as friends/etc” or my personal favorite “I broship _____.”

So isn’t this normal? Well, on the internet, people will fangirl/boy over anything of their ship! It’s quite hard to explain unless you witness it, but they go quite crazy over it.

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Tsuna Dying Will


Second try at a blog, lost interest when everyone died, but it’s okay because I shot everyone with dying will bullets. We’ll do it like how Tsuna rips off his clothes and do things with his dying wills (I expect pictures, everyone).

Man, I am so lucky this isn’t my professional blog, I just claimed I shot everyone and expect nude pics (PLEASE DON’T SEND THEM). Anyone who didn’t get the Katekyo Hitman Reborn reference sucks. That used to be my manga in 8th grade. I’m also saying this so people don’t think I’m just some crazy weirdo.

ANYWAYS, Miyu here. If you don’t know me, why are you even reading this? Not that I mind! I love meeting new people 8D -appealing to nonexistent people- This is my personal blog. I’ll also practice professional blogging. I should set maybe a once a week sort of thing. Things are tentative, since I’m pretty busy lately. We’ll see how this goes…

“GOOD LUCK MY WAY!” (L’Arc En Ciel)