Warning: This posts contains a lot of pictures!

For those that don’t know (SHAME ON YOU), Yugi Moto(/Mutou) has two people inside his body: himself and a 3,000 year old pharaoh. They are two completely different people. Yugi is kind, caring, and timid whilst Yami is cooler and confident. So of course, they will have different fashion styles!

Below is Yugi’s typical outfit: his school uniform. His friends even made fun of him for wearing it on a day off… I don’t blame him though. It’s pretty cool.

As a result, we don’t see much of Yugi’s sense of style. However, in one episode, Yugi goes out on a date with Téa/Anzu (her name changes depending on whether you watch the sub or dub). A perfect way to see Yugi’s sense of style, right? He spends HOURS picking out an outfit and we see the many outfits he considered.

Yugi's Clothes

So what does he decide on wearing for his extra special date?

Yugi's Outfit

Look at that! All black, two belts, chains, 324705213 different bracelets, and you can’t see it, but his usual choker. What? This would probably be an outfit Yami wears, but…

Yami Clothes

He didn’t know about the date. It was a surprise date Yugi set up to cheer up Yami. In fact, in the manga, he hated the outfit So of course…

Yugi Wink

Little kind, INNOCENT Yugi took hours to choose out this outfit… Just… how does that make sense? Does Yugi have some sort of hidden side?? But then Teá/Anzu told Yami the outfit was nice? Does SHE have a thing for that and Yugi knows that? What?


Looks like I’ll have to have a hard look into Yugi’s characterization. It’s got me thinking though, how much do clothes define a person? A lot of people say not to judge a person by their looks, but okay, aside from genetics, I think the way a person holds him or her self surely says something. I heard in job interviews, you’re judged the moment you come in the door. Looks won’t tell people your whole story, but I think it at least tells a part of it.

Books typically don’t describe someone’s looks straight out. I use to hate that because in book reports, we would have to draw the character, but there is no straight out character description. Now, however, I appreciate those subtle character looks better. Like “My blonde hair was flowing through the harsh wind” compared to “I have blonde hair, I’m 6 feet tall, and I have a lot of freckles etc.” The latter is just a bit weird; a reason why I would start out an autobiography like that. At the same time, if I have an image of the character and all of a sudden I read the former and it contrasts, I have to put the book down and reevaluate the whole scene (yes, it’s that drastic).

The point of this is that the character’s personality usually helps defines a person’s look. Even in real life, I will sometimes label someone, but when I get to know him or her, it completely changes. I can’t help but see a person for their personality. Anyways, I think it might be interesting to play with a character’s choice in clothing compared to their personality… how is still a mystery.

On another note, who doesn’t want to go on a date with this bad boy?

Yup, psychotic season zero/early manga Yami about to take revenge on a bully that picked on Yugi… Playing life threatening games like a bad-A and sending the loser into an eternal shadow game, making the victim crazy.

Oh, who am I kidding? I’m totally jealous. Just look at that face.

Yami and Tea