“YOU ARE THE GIRL … that I’ve been dreaming of! Ever since I was a little girl.”

I didn’t even know I liked this type of music! Why can’t I stop listening to it?

I saw the lyrics to this on a Kingdom Hearts fanart. Two characters dancing. One says “I’m not gonna teach your boyfriend how to-” Then three KH girls popping from the corner: “DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE!” I thought the lyrics were cute, so I looked it up. It’s such a strange song, I thought, but why am I so addicted to it?! Worst thing is I can’t find the fan art that pulled me here! I can’t even remember the characters involved! If ANYONE sees fan art like this, tell me! I’ve searched Tumblr for like 2 hours! (I should probably just ask Tumblr…)

“The second I do, I know we’re gonna be through! I’m not gonna teach him how to dance with you!”

One month and counting…


Cute song. Maybe I’ll make something out of it. So many scenarios I can imagine…