Tsuna Dying Will


Second try at a blog, lost interest when everyone died, but it’s okay because I shot everyone with dying will bullets. We’ll do it like how Tsuna rips off his clothes and do things with his dying wills (I expect pictures, everyone).

Man, I am so lucky this isn’t my professional blog, I just claimed I shot everyone and expect nude pics (PLEASE DON’T SEND THEM). Anyone who didn’t get the Katekyo Hitman Reborn reference sucks. That used to be my manga in 8th grade. I’m also saying this so people don’t think I’m just some crazy weirdo.

ANYWAYS, Miyu here. If you don’t know me, why are you even reading this? Not that I mind! I love meeting new people 8D -appealing to nonexistent people- This is my personal blog. I’ll also practice professional blogging. I should set maybe a once a week sort of thing. Things are tentative, since I’m pretty busy lately. We’ll see how this goes…

“GOOD LUCK MY WAY!” (L’Arc En Ciel)